Saturday, January 23, 2010

Materialism Expanded and Remixed

Hi everyone—
Here's my contribution to the roundtable discussion, “Why Materiality?” Some of the material is from a project I've been working on called The Ecological Thought.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all.

Timothy Morton

Materialism Expanded and Remixed

Conference Schedule

New Materialisms Schedule
April 13-14, 2010

April 13
9:45 Breakfast

10.30am Roundtable I: Why Materiality?
Participants: Ben Anderson
Gay Hawkins
Timothy Morton
Discussant Jake Greear

1pm Lunch Break

2.30pm Roundtable II: The Efficacy of Things
Participants: Lisa Disch
Manuel DeLanda
Nigel Thrift
Discussant Jairus Grove

6.30pm Dinner

April 14
8:45am Breakfast

9.30am Roundtable III: What is Bennett’s Materiality?
Participants: Daniel Deudney
Chris Nealon
Anand Pandian
Discussant Bill Dixon
12pm Lunch Break

1pm Panel II: Vital Materialisms and Belief in this World
J.D. Dewsbury
Paola Marrati
Davide Panagia
Discussant Stefanie Fishel

4pm Afterword: Jane Bennett

5.30pm Reception